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Employment Law | Litigation
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Did you know that if your employer fails to pay your wages that it has violated federal minimum wage laws?  This is true under certain circumstances even if you are a highly paid executive.  Although it often seems that employers have an inordinate amount of power and control, many laws have been enacted that help “even the playing field” and protect your rights as an employee.  Knowing and being able to enforce your rights is the best way to avoid becoming a victim.  Corey Stark PLLC is dedicated to providing practical legal advice, thoughtful strategic negotiation, and, when necessary, thorough and vigorous litigation. 


In addition to representing employees in claims for discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, breach of contract, restrictive covenants, and violations of labor laws, Corey Stark PLLC prepares and negotiates the terms of employment contracts and severance/separation agreements.


We can help if your supervisor/employer is treating you unfairly or if you are the victim of discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, or wage theft. Corey Stark PLLC is in your corner!

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