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Breach of Employment Contracts

Breach of Employment Contracts

If you are one of the few employees lucky enough to have an employment contract, you should be sure to enforce the terms against your employer. Disputes arising from an employment contract usually concern whether there was cause for the termination of employment and an employer’s failure to pay bonuses, commissions, or base wages.  
In addition to breaching the contract, these failures might amount to violations of the New York Labor Law, which provides for additional penalties/remedies.
Preparation and Negotation of Employment Contracts

Preparation and Negotiation of Employment Contracts

We have extensive experience preparing employment contracts on behalf of employers and executives and other employees.  Having a proper and carefully crafted employment contract is essential ingredient to a successful employment relationship and will help avoid costly litigation in the future.
An employee who is offered an employment agreement should review the terms with an experienced employment lawyer. Employment agreements are often one-sided and do not adequately protect the employee.
Although many believe that employment agreements are standard and non-negotiable, reasonable edits are available.  Additionally, it is wise to understand the terms and restrictions before being bound to an employment agreement.
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